Walnut (Reclaimed)

Aged wood that is well suited for unique, rustic wide plank flooring

Walnut, like other furniture woods, was prized as much in the 1800’s as it is today. Therefore, not many structures used Walnut, unless there was an abundance of the trees nearby the site. This makes reclaimed Walnut one of the rarest woods to reclaim.

The heartwood is rich dark brown to purplish in color with a light tan sapwood. Colors in antique walnut become a little more subtle with age, yet produce an amber depth that is unmatched. It is usually straight grained with texture that is coarse and uniform. Antique reclaimed Walnut is a rare wood, found occasionally in mixed wood barns from the 1800’s, where for convenience’s sake the farmer utilized those trees closest to the structure. Black Walnut & Claro Walnut is a very sought after cabinet lumber that is great for any interior application.

  • Primarily sourced from “aged sawn” beams, joists, and boards

  • Rich dark brown to purplish hues with lighter tan sapwood

  • Unique figured grain pattern


Swirling grain patterns mixed with occasional dark knots

Our Reclaimed Walnut is sourced from East Coast and Midwest vintage structures that produce a distinctive character with a dark aged patina and flowing subtle grain pattern. Each piece is milled from a combination of barn boards, beams, and joists, and is hand selected to produce wide plank boards with a delicate balance of sound cracks, checking, wormholes, and knots. This material has aged over time to produce a unique blend of color and grain.