Redwood (Reclaimed)

Wood that has aged over time like the wine it’s been holding

Starting in the mid 19th century, water tanks, pickle vats & wine tanks were constructed throughout the United States with clear “all heart” old growth redwood. Over the past few decades, these wooden vats have been replaced with modern stainless steel or fiberglass vats. The deconstruction of these tanks has created an opportunity to work with beautiful, tight grain, rot resistant, old growth redwood that is virtually unavailable in the lumber market today.

  • Tank paneling is clear “all heart” with no knots

  • Available in vertical grain or mixed grain

  • Material can contain deep burgundy, light brown and rich amber tones

Redwood tanks were typically constructed 14’ – 18’ in diameter with heights ranging from 10’ – 16’. The majority of the staves that are reclaimed from these decommissioned tanks are a full (2’’ thick) x (5’’ – 8’’ wide) x (14’ – 16’) in length. The tank bottoms were typically constructed with 2 3/4’’ – 5 3/4’’ thick timbers with dowel holes.


Reclaimed tank staves produce an old growth high-grade paneling that is currently not available in the market today

The unique color tones found within the interior side of the redwood staves have a range of reds, browns, ambers to even light purples with occasional dark mineral streaks. The tank staves can be custom milled into any interior or exterior profile for siding, paneling, or decking.