Heart Pine (Reclaimed)

A piece of American heritage that can be beautifully restored for your home to last another century or more

Old growth Southern Longleaf Pine, also known as heart pine or southern yellow pine, was the architectural & structural wood of choice to build America during the industrial revolution. In the early 1800’s there were over 90+ million acres of virgin old growth stands of Southern Longleaf Pine found in the southeastern United States growing along the coastal plain from eastern Texas to southeast Virginia extending south into northern Florida. By the late 1920’s close to 95% of the old growth heart pine had been harvested to build colonial naval ships, textile mills, factories, warehouses, bridges, private homes and southern plantations. Some of the historic industrial buildings standing today in New York, Chicago and Boston were constructed out of old growth heart pine timber.

  • Rich golden patina containing deep amber tones and pumpkin hues

  • Reclaimed from 100 – 150 year old structures built during the industrial revolution

  • Heartwood is dense, heavy, insect-and rot-resistant, incredibly hard, and unequaled in beauty, strength and durability

Reclaimed Heart Pine, also known as Antique Heart Pine, is fortunately still available today through Arc Wood & Timbers. We work with demolition crews that are dismantling these out-of-date factories and textile mills to recover the old growth heart pine timbers and floor joist that were the structural skeletons of these buildings constructed over a century ago. Our reclaimed heart pine beams have been slowly air drying in place for 100+ years giving them an unsurpassed quality and stability. Old Growth Southern Longleaf Pine was commonly referred to as “heart pine” because of its unique characteristic of having a large center of heart with very little surrounding sapwood. The heartwood found in reclaimed heart pine is dense, heavy, insect-and rot-resistant, incredibly hard, and unequaled in beauty, strength and durability. Heart Pine is rather heavy in resin when it is harvested. The resin in reclaimed heart pine crystallizes as it ages over time strengthening and hardening the wood. Reclaimed heart pine has a stunning rich golden patina which can contain deep amber and pumpkin hues.


Reclaimed Heart Pine beams and floor joist can be refined to create elegant floors and exquisite beam packages

Reclaimed heart pine is an excellent option for interior paneling, ceiling decking and flooring which is available as a product in select and knotty grades. Reclaimed heart pine beams and posts can be left as is with the original circle saw kerf marks for a rustic appearance or planed smooth for a more refined contemporary design to bring out the natural grain and color of the wood. Incorporating antique heart pine into the design of your project, gives you a piece of American heritage that can never be replicated again.