Siding & Paneling

Selected Siding & Paneling Varieties

Arc Wood & Timbers provides a wide variety of siding and paneling products that are custom milled from salvaged, reclaimed, and sustainably harvested sources throughout North America. Each product type has a unique blend of character with distinct color, grain, and texture.

We can help you select the appropriate siding, paneling, and decking products that map into your design requirements in terms of appearance, structural integrity, and durability for both interior and exterior applications.


For detailed information, please select a product below:

Alaska Yellow Cedar Siding & Paneling

Alaska Hemlock Siding & Paneling

Barn Siding Siding & Paneling

Chestnut (Reclaimed) Siding & Paneling

Sinker Cypress Siding & Paneling

Sitka Spruce Siding & Paneling

“Tank” Redwood (Reclaimed) Siding & Paneling

Western Red Cedar Siding & Paneling