Why Reclaimed?

A Beauty and History that is Unmatched

Reclaimed wood has a beauty and history that is unmatched relative to new wood. Over the years our nation’s forestry services have harvested practically all the old growth trees available through out North America. As a result, 2nd and 3rd growth trees have become the primary resource for our lumber demands, which unfortunately do not provide the same aesthetic and structural value of lumber produced from old growth trees.

Since a majority of our old growth forests are under protection, reclaimed wood is a great resource to produce premium woods that offer illustrative tight grain patterns, durability, rich patina with aged character, and a unique historical back story.

  • Aged with character that can not be replicated
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Old growth trees are no longer available
  • Unique history


Refined to produce a timeless artifact that is rich in patina, texture, and character

Arc Wood & Timbers “reclaimed” wood is sourced from vintage abandoned structures such as barns, warehouses, churches, factories and mills. We purchase these old structures and carefully dismantle them piece by piece. We further work with a network of “barn busters” throughout America that are involved in the reclamation of barns that allow us to enhance our reclaimed inventory of wood. From these historical buildings we accumulate an inventory of gorgeous hand hewn and original sawn woods that have aged naturally for a century or more. This material is refinished into beautiful flooring, siding, timbers, and furniture.